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By Brittany

Conchatized Soaps by Brittany Silvia! 

These Conchatized soaps are a great addition to your home. Leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling good.. Once you use one of these soaps you wont be able to live without them! ;) 

**Goat milk is great for people with dry or sensitive skin. It is a nourishing gentle cleanse. The level of selenium in the soap can aid in protecting skin from UV rays. You can use this on your face as well. 

**Hemp soap helps maintain natural moisture. It nourishes the hair and skin, providing anti-inflammatory properties. For all skin types. Replacement for shaving cream, creates a nice lather. 

*Glycerin based

*High quality fragrances 

*Home made in the Florida Keys!


BARS BUY 3 GET ONE FREE - ENTER- (SOAP) - in discount code at checkout!


Buy locally @ 

SOAP 12.png

Soap scents available while supplies lasts! Message us if there is a scent you do not see here that you want more of! :)

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